Seillans Olive Oil Wins Gold Award in New York.

stalenq olive oil

Every year the prestigious New York International Olive Oil Competition ( produces a list of the world’s best olive oils (

This year a gold award winner was the Stalenq domain of Seillans, near Fayence. Stalenq’s ‘Fruite Vert’ is made from green olives of the Picholine and Petit Ribier varieties. These olives are picked slightly before full maturity to give the oil its distinct flavour and aroma.

The Stalenq family are not newcomers to the field of olive oil production. Their ancestors — the brothers Honore and Anthoine Stalenq — purchased the family olive groves in 1593. In the exceptional winter of 1956 many of the ancient olive trees died, but this gave the family a chance to start afresh with new varieties and young trees which are now bearing award-winning fruit.

Stalenq olive oil can be purchased from selected outlets, or direct from the company website at

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