Seillans has been described as on of the most beautiful villages in France. Situated near Fayence in the Var region of Provence, Seillans is a popular holiday destination for people who want to explore this beautiful area.

It is a ville perché (perched hill-top village) overlooking the plain between the southern Alps and the Esterel, which borders the sea between Cannes and Saint-Raphaël. It has been recognized as one of the prettiest villages of France.

Seillans has a steeply-inclined medieval centre, accessible only on foot, and a number of small squares and old buildings. It is the westernmost of a line of such towns and villages (including Montauroux, Callian, Tourrettes and Fayence) that face south and attract tourists and each offer a variety of cultural pursuits. They are most striking when viewed from the plain below. Other local attractions include the nearby Lac St. Cassien.

In the medieval Seillans village there are many historical buildings, including a chateau at the top of the village, a 12th century chapel and a Saracen doorway. B

Seillans has an annual Pottery Market and many concerts and occasional events throughout the year, as well as the annual international Musique-Cordiale Festival, a fortnight when the church, the salle polyvalente and outdoor venues resound to a variety of high quality classical, choral and jazz music from international artists, soloists, choirs and orchestras each August, when the area is at its most popular.

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